Sunday, January 29, 2012

Visual examples: Creating title slide using a portrait photo

After yesterday's post, this morning I played with the red wolf's image a little bit more. For some time I found it challenging to use an image that fills the height but not the width of the screen I call this a portrait photo. But recently, going through Before & After Magazine's Master Collection,  I found a trick to leverage a slide that contains this portrait mode images. So this morning I applied the trick to the wolf's image, and I was so impressed by the result, that I decided to share it. I'll be doing a full tutorial on this in the coming weeks.

The trick is to copy a 20 pixel wide stripe from top to bottom of the image's left, right side (or both) border, stretch the strip or strips to fill the space, and then strongly blur it.

With this trick, you can create a nice looking title slide. As I said, I was pretty satisfy with mine.

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