Sunday, June 10, 2012

Superman in commnunication

Source: Flickr under CC license
Beyond nifty soundbites,  relentless preparation, and avoiding Death by power point lies the solution of an oral communication problem in science. If you have been into college, at one point or another, you have asked yourself "What is this lecturer talking about? What's the point?" You might even have failed the test because you didn't get the point. That's a consequence of an unsolved communication problem.

Some young lecturers are arrogant and inexperienced, some old professors are out of touch with their audiences.  Amid their differences,  there is, at least, one thing in common, they all know superman.

The appearance of superman has changed over the years not only to appeal to its newer audiences, but to communicate better. The communication in comics is highly visual, so has become the communication in science. Regardless that change, the Superman's core mission hasn't changed, just like the the mission of communication of science hasn't changed either. In other words,  form follows content, content follows form.
Continuous cycle between content and form.
Think that content dictates form, and your message will be buried. Despite all the continuous change in media and technology, there are  invariants in human nature that surrogate the the former two. We love visuals, we love a good story, we love to be entertained.  

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