Sunday, February 2, 2014

Visual Examples: White Space and Repetition from SOTU 2014

It is February, time from the State Of The Union (SOTU) and again Obama's team nailed it on the slide design. The design is very similar to last year's. This year I want to focus on only two things: repetition and white space.

Although there is no theme or template, the slides Obama used make such a rigorous use of repetition and consistency, that it in itself creates a theme, an identity.  Obama's team take repetition even further with this slide /
 The icons on the bottom were highlighted as the speech progressed, as in this case mentioned infrastructure /
 This is an excellent example of how photographs and icons can be combined. Also note how the slides makes use of white space on the bottom. This was repeated across the presentation stack /
The slide of the right is simple, with only one element in the image plus the text. With only one element in the foreground, there is enough space on the background to add some text This is how slides explode the use of white space.  Lets take a look at other examples:
 While in the previous slide the point was Opportunity/The American Dream, in this slide the topic was infrastructure. Once again one element in the image plus text, lots of space for some text.
Note how in both cases (statue of liberty and bridge) the images are anchored at the bottom. /
Another two examples. On the left, the amount of white space was less than in the previous examples.  On the  right the, the interesting thing was happening at the bottom. There was lots of text for a slide, but the hierarchy and the message remained intact.  This slide looked like an ad.

And the last example /
I hope you get the idea.

Here is whole slide stack, I suggest you compare it with last year's stack. I hope it inspires you as it inspired me.

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