Saturday, July 7, 2012

Quick tutorial: Getting more typograhical options in Keynote

Before I wrote the last post about Keyboard shortcuts, I dig into the  ⌘+T that opens the font window:
If you click on the tools (gear) drop-down on the bottom left, you will find the Typography dialog, which opens a whole new set of typographical options. The specific options depend on the typeface. Some like Roboto have just a few, and some like Adobe Hypatia have many.

Here is a concrete use of this dialog. Last week I was doing some slides using Roboto and  noticed how ugly the fi ligature was. I was thinking about write the f and the i separately and join them by hand, which is a dangerous and time consuming job. But after I discovered the Typography dialog, it was just click-easy:

Here is another possibility, this time using the Ubuntu font.  Using this font the spaces between numbers can either we set to constant or proportional. So, if you are constraint by horizontal space, this might be something you want to try:
One last thing, the differences of options between typefaces suggests that the results are not the product of algorithms, instead they seem to have be created by a graphic designer. This guarantees unity in results.

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