Sunday, April 20, 2014

Full bleed and full of beer. OK, Beamer might be not so bad!

3 things are wondering on my mind: The spread use of full bleed images on websites, drinking beer before and during a talk, and using LaTeX/Beamer to show computer code on slides.

I was watching this Java 8 talk last night and  I was astonished  that the presenter was drinking beer, before and during the presentation. What The Fuck? I get it,  the talk was scheduled at night, clearly this brogrammer thought that might get him some street creed points… or maybe he thought he was James Hetfield. Please don't drink before going on stage.

Speaking of Metallica, the Guns 'N Roses website features full bleed images and backgrounds.  Full bleed images are more and more common these days, and that's cool. Heck, even the Germany's  Tagesschau changed it studios to show full bleed images on the background. Sadly, people still heavily rely on Bullet Points. Here is one example of using full bleed images:

A learning connection that relies on emotions (partly driven by images) is a better learning than uses only text and information dumps.

Finally, LaTex/Beamer. I think it can be used for showing source code on a slide.  Lots of presentations on CS don't color nor even typo-graph computer code. Let that thought sink in.

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