Saturday, March 31, 2012

A word on visuals: Transitions

There are many lessons to learn from films, such as story-boarding, visual composition, and editing. Here is a quick trick to make your visuals moving forward through your talk. The trick is called "wiping" and in it you move from slide "A" to slide "Z" by wiping "A" with "Z", like this:

The line between the two slide is meant to give a connection between them.  The connecting element is important it provides continuity.  This simple scene is made of two main elements: The transition itself and the connecting line.  Let me show you the details.

1.  The transition.  Although it looks like Z wipes A, The transition is done in A, it is called "Push" and it is done from right to left. 

2.  The lines. Moving A from right to left and connecting it with Z means that the line is at A has to at least go to very end of the slide, in this case the slides are 1024×768 are therefore the line goes up to 1024.
To keep the continuity, the line in the next slide has to start at x = 0, and the starting y has to be the same y of A.

Connecting with other shapes and forms is possible, but getting the right optic placement can be difficult, so I recommend to keep it simple if straight line in both slides.

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