Sunday, October 16, 2016

How to choice and download fonts using Google Fonts

When it comes to choose and download fonts for either PC or Mac two sites come to my mind: dafont and font squirrel. However, I don't like them. They are more worry about themselves than with the content they provide.  And there is Google Fonts (or GF, for short).  I used to hate this site because I could not find how to download their fonts easily. But recently, Google Fonts (GF) got a facelift, and I really enjoy using it now.  All fonts in Google Fonts (GF) are open source and free. Right now there collection has about 800 items.

It might seemed difficult to choose from such a big collection, but  GF offers some tools to help us narrowing down our options.

Custom Text

Ok, this is nothing new, but what I really like is that you can with a single click set the custom text to all items in the list.

Search for number of styles, width and languages

The search navigation allows not only to filter for Category and sort by date, popularity and trending, but it also allows you to filter fonts based on their number of style. pretty damn cool! Here is my tip. Set the number of style to 9+.

Change the background color and font style

Advanced filtering and search is not the only thing you can do. GF allows to change the background color. This is useful if you testing Thin or Light styles, which you can also do.

Pairing with other popular fonts

I know, we should stick to one font. But think about header and body combinations. Well that is exactly what GF also offers.

How to download a font

If you look at the screenshot there are + (plus) buttons all round. There mean add to selection. 
When you add a item a footer will appear. click it to toggle a dialog it. It is here where you can click on the download button.

See that arrow pointing down in the upper right corner of dialog? That is your download button. 

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